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Jack Nisbet is a teacher, naturalist, and writer who lives in Spokane with his wife and two children.

In 1994 he published Sources of the River: Tracking David Thompson across Western North America, which was awarded the Murray Morgan History Prize. Since then, Nisbet has published Purple Flat Top (1997), Singing Grass, Burning Sage (1999), and Visible Bones (2003), all of which explore the interplay of human and natural history in the greater Northwest. The Seattle Times and the Washington State Center for the Book named Visible Bones as one of their best nonfiction titles of 2003.


  THE COLLECTOR: David Douglas and the Natural History of the Northwest (Sasquatch Books, 2009).
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 THE MAPMAKER'S EYE: David Thompson on the Columbia Plateau (WSU Press, 2005).


VISIBLE BONES: The Natural and Human Forces that Transformed the West (Sasquatch Books, 2004).


SINGING GRASS, BURNING SAGE: Discovering Washington's Shrub-Steppe (The Nature Conservancy, 2000).  
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PURPLE FLAT TOP: In Pursuit of a Place (Sasquatch Books, 1996).
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SOURCES OF THE RIVER: Tracking David Thompson Through the Inland Northwest (Sasquatch Books, 1994).
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