Doug Magee   
  Doug Magee, aka The Charity Case, due to his arriving at the Ann Rittenberg Literary agency via a fundraising auction, has followed a zigzag path through life that included theological seminary, magazine photojournalism, authoring non-fiction books, single parenthood, screenwriting, film directing, and numerous attempts at mastering Spanish. This last is more out of necessity than you might imagine. Having arrived in New York’s East Harlem in 1969 for a graduate school program, he has lived there ever since, the gringo with the mangled grammar. An active opponent of the death penalty, he hopes to live long enough to see this anachronistic punishment go the way of the Edsel. His wife Mary Hedahl is the director of development for the New York Civil Liberties Union. He has three sons, all left-handed for some reason, and two grandchildren.
NEVER WAVE GOODBYE: A Novel of Suspense.
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